About Mono

Smartphone Distribution since 2003 

Mono Luxembourg sàrl is a leading Smartphone Distributor incorporated in Luxembourg since 2003. Logistically situated in the heart of Europe allowing strategic access to all the major European and International Markets.

Effective market access - Targeted channels - Best value

Mono has developed the systems and processes that provide effective market access for manufacturers and distributors all over the world, allowing to serve customers from the smallest to the biggest in targeted regions and channels by adding the best value for suppliers and customers.  

Trust - Connection - Growth - Service

Care and attention are the essence of our business. Creating long-term business relationships in which the satisfaction of our partner is central. Long-term business relationships sustain themselves and grow through confidence. The quality of our service fulfils the highest expectations.

Expertise - Decades of experience - Best-qualified people

We have hired the best-qualified people in their field of knowledge: purchasing, sales, marketing, logistics, warehousing, transportation. Some of our members have 25+ years of experience in the distribution.